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Poggi Kimchi

Poggi Kimchi

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Poggi Kimchi

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Poggi Kimchi is widely spread in Korea which is mixed with natural spices. The most important process of Poggi Kimchi is the preservation with salt which is the deciding taste of Kimchi. The key point of the preservation is using salted water instead of whole salt. Using salted water provides equally preserve the Korean cabbage. The density of the salted water is also important. The higher density preserve only the leaves of cabbage and long time of preservation take out the taste from the cabbage.

How to make Kimchi

1. Prepare radishes
A. Slice clean cared radishes

2. Mix the Radishes with red peppered water
A. Mix sliced radishes with glutinous rice flour, red hot-pepper flour, Aec-Juck(Fermented Fish Sauce), and boiled water

3. Mix vegetables
A. Mix No.2 with various vegetables, crashed garlics, and crashed ginger

4. Salted Korean cabbage
A. Cut the root of salted Korean cabbage and mix them with No 3. all together.

5. Preservation
A. Place whole radishes in the bottom of a jar and store mixed Korean cabbage on the radishes.

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